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Massachusetts Princess Scholarship Pageant


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All judging will go accordingly to the following guidelines.  If you have any questions regarding the judging process after the pageant, please request your score card from the pageant director by sending a SASE to: 

BPNE, P O Box 990802, Boston, MA 02199.


Each Contestant will be judged accordingly in the following areas of pageant competitions.


Public Speaking                                 40%

(Knowledge and Articulation)    

Poise & Confidence                            20%

Personality                                         30%

Talent                                                  15%

Audience Favorability                       5%


Contestants will compete in the following competitions onstage:


Essays & Interview   

Evening Gown

Platform Speech (3.5 minutes)

Talent (2.5 minutes)


"My Own Style" (w/ 2 minute speech)

**Community Service Achievement(s)** 

(Competition of at least 3 months will

add 10 points to overall score)


All judging is mandated and will be accurate and fair.