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Massachusetts Princess Scholarship Pageant

About Us

About Us
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About Us

Our pageant system and company, Beautiful Pageantry of New England was birthed to provide scholarship based natural and ethnic pageants to the New England area.  We have also established this pageant system to give those who were not able to experience the world of pageantry; the opportunity to do so.  The world of pageantry is at times, presented in a negative life but it is a wonderful extra-curricular activity.  Pageantry is just as exciting and fun as it is a great learning and self awareness experience. 


Pageants boost creativity, confidence and respect for oneself and others.  We are pleased to present these pageants to both females and males, ages six months and up. 

Please join us in our efforts as we continue to show the positives of pageantry!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide young ladies the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of pageantry in a nurturing and healthy competition atmosphere.  It is our belief and objective to boost the confidence and esteem of each contestant while helping to develop their poise.  Each contestant has the opportunity to learn so much about herself, as well as, other young ladies that will prove to be positive in their futures.  Each contestant is welcomed and accepted; despite her race, weight, height, size and/or disabilities.