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Massachusetts Princess Scholarship Pageant

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Meet the Director


Terrina J. Williamson is currently a contestant in the 2005 Miss Black USA Pageant!  Ms. Williamson understands the emotions and excitement of being a pageant contestant and brings this knowledge to each pageant she directs.  It is this type of knowledge and compassion that keeps Ms. Williamson close and concern with each young lady who is a contestant.


Ms. Williamson has been involved in the background of the entertainment industry for the last five years.  The world of pageantry has been close to the heart of Ms. Williamson for quite some time.  She has wanted to help unify and diversify pageantry.  She is doing so by opening pageants to those who would normally not have the opportunity to participate.  Ms. Williamson’s goal is to continue to produce affordable, professional and wonderful pageants. 


As a pageant director, Ms. Williamson will always be available for each contestant and help, as much as, possible.  Whenever, a contestant is in need of critique, lessons in pageant etiquette or finding a bargain dress, Ms. Williamson is available to help her.  There is never an issue too small or large to help solve.  Ms. Williamson is just as much compassionate, fair and committed as she is eager and excited for the pageant. 


Please help us welcome Ms. Williamson in all of her efforts