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Massachusetts Princess Scholarship Pageant

Pageant Preparation

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The following tips have been provided to help you become

the very best pageant contestant.


Preparation for pageant should began at least 6 weeks

in advance of the pageant date.



If you are performing please gather all materials and tools for your performance.  Please memorize your material.  Rehearse, as much as, possible. 



You must exhume confidence, poise and radiance as you stride across the stage.  You should stand upright, with your shoulders back and stroll.  Too much hip wiggling or swaying may be seen as a negative, therefore keep it simple and royal.



Your pageant smile must be bright and appear to be comfortable and natural.  However, in reality, it may not be comfortable or natural.  Your teeth and/or braces should be clean, well maintained and white.  It is suggested that you use a tooth whitening product or have your teeth bleached by your dentist.  May pictures will be taken and later displayed; you'll want to look your absolute best.



Where your hair how it looks best on your face.  If you are wearing your natural hair, weave and/or braids, be sure the style is fresh.  Healthy and Good-looking hair adds radiance to your face.  Make up should be fresh and natural, nothing outrageous or not you.  We want to see the natural you, the beautiful you!  Choose a matching skin tone foundation, lipstick or lip gloss and shimmering eye make up: these are about all you'll need.



Pageant skin should be fresh and well rested.  Make sure to drink at least eight (8) 8oz glasses water daily.  If you have acne or any other skin conditions, see the help of a dermatologist.  If you do suffer from the above, you will not be judged on this but we want you to feel your best.  You nails should be neat and clean.  Manicures and pedicures are a good solution.  However, if you choose to wear artificial nails, please keep them at a sports length and natural of light in color of nail polish.



Please make sure all pageant attire is in good taste, form flattering but not TIGHT, clean, neat and pressed.  You will be judged on your attire.  Please make sure you have the appropriate undergarments for each ensemble. 



Please be freshly showered with deodorant, powder and lotion.  Please remember we are all young ladies and should carry ourselves, likewise.  If appropriate please have your feminine sprays, perfumes, tampons, sanitary napkins and panty liners.



You should be yourself but even better!  Smile, Grin, Nod: ENJOY yourself and this opportunity.  NEVER, EVER chew gum or slouch!!!  When sitting, sit upright and cross at the ankles for a feminine posture.